Location: Great Barrier Reef

Beginning our second day began on SeaQuest, we were by now well familiar with the dive routines and geared up quickly to get in the water. Some of us were so excited to continue diving on our second day that we started our first dive at 6:30 am! Out of the 4-5 dives that we did today, each reef location offered something different and exciting to see. From lionfish to black tip reef sharks, to vibrant, colorful coral mountains, the Great Barrier Reef had no end to its beauty. Today we also proudly congratulated some of our students as they completed their dives to become advanced open water divers. After several hours of underwater training and intense study sessions, five of our comrades became Advanced open water certified. This evening proved to be quite exciting beneath the dark waters as we went fluoresce diving. Using yellow tinted mask attachments and blue led flashlights, we saw the coral and organisms alike come to life with neon fluorescent colors. The reefs lit up with neon greens, blues, yellows, pinks, and reds as shined our beams of light through the dark waters. It was a spectacular sight! Once we returned to the boat, we also got to see the crew chum the waters, attracting hoards of trevally, sharks, and other predatory fish. We finished off our night with a dessert surprise of delicious but unknown fruit, cream, and crunchy chocolate. Our day on the Great Barrier Reef couldn’t have been more beautiful and surprising!