Location: Blue Mountains

Today we went for a tour of the Blue Mountains. We started the day off by waking up at 6:00 am, which wasn’t fun. The day soon got much better as we left the hostel and went on the Coast Warriors bus, named Trudy, to head to the Blue Mountains. On the bus, we met two really fun guides, Trent and Zach. When we arrived at our first location in the Blue Mountains, we were greeted by a male and a female Kangaroo. Trent and Zach then showed us how to throw a boomerang and a rugby ball. Soon after that, we left to go hike in the Blue Mountains. The hike started slow but then quickly became difficult. The hardest part was the stairs of doom, but we all made it down to the waterfall, where Blaise and Charlie jumped in the cold water. After they dried off, we hiked back up the stairs of doom. The next location was The Three Sisters – three giant rocks rising above the trees with a huge valley in the background. We walked down to them and got to see the massive forest below us, which was amazing. Our guide Zach hosted a quiz game on the bus as we drove back to Sydney. We grabbed tacos, because it was Taco Tuesday, at a place in Bondi Beach and then walked back to the hostel along the boardwalk. Once we got back, we packed up and showered to get ready to travel the next day.