Location: The Caribbean

Today we went zip lining!!! It was the most awesome and wonderful experience ever! We went flying through the lush, green, and diverse forest it was sooooo pretty. When we finished the canopy tour, we went for a nature walk. We saw the amphibian, reptile, and insect exhibits. We took a tram down to the floor of the rainforest and on the way down we saw a sloth and Logan went insane! It was super adorable. She and Ana could hardly contain themselves. When we reached the bottom, we walked to the Puma Waterfall. It was enchanting, magnificent, and majestic. Then we ate a yummy lunch. After lunch we went to our lodge and played ping pong, Derek was great. We had dinner then went for a night walk back to the cabin where we saw the light trap with millions of bugs, and we held them when they flew on us. The heroic Diego saved everyone from the scary, furry bugs. The girls all slept in one room and the boys in another. It was a great day!