Location: Puriscal

After waking up to the smiles of our home-stay families, we all gathered onto the bus with clear, rested minds and packed lunches. Heading to various homes, we efficiently assembled bunk beds while watching tensions lighten and smiles appear on the faces of those receiving. We are working together as a team allowed us to quickly generate quality beds while also granting us free time to play a game of soccer with the locals. One of the students, Amber, likely found her husband as she swooned over one of the players whose name was Angel. Children offered us hugs as we left, upset to see us go. Around 3:00, we headed to downtown Jan Jose toward a popular marketplace full of wares useful to for gifts while some Lifeworks students grabbed some comfort food McDonald’s. The afternoon was reserved for spending time with our new families and going to bed early for the 5:30 rafting trip.