Location: Westfalia, Cabecar, & Los Piedades

Morgan and I are roommates. We always wake up early and are the first to go to breakfast. Today we accidentally slept in. We quickly got ready and ran down to the restaurant. We had toast, scrambled eggs, and rice with beans for breakfast. It was delicious. Then we packed our things, and we went to the Cabecar tribe. When we got off the van, and we had to get in the back of a truck to cross a river. Once we crossed the river and got to the tribe, we met a group of women who showed us how to make strings and crafts out of a tree. We tried to do it after them. It was very difficult. After that, the women from the Cabecar tribe gave us a little pouch for each one of us to decorate. It is part of a tradition where people should put a stone from the river shore inside the pouch. That stone will help the person in the future and guide them in life. We had lunch at the Cabecar Tribe which was delicious, most of the guys had seconds. Oh! Then we had ice cream which was perfect because it was sunny and warm outside. After that, we got in the van and went to Gail’s house. There we watched a movie and ate some more snacks and ice cream while we waited for the host families to come. We helped set the table, and the families brought a lot of food which we shared. We had a great dinner. Then we were assigned to our families. Morgan and I met our family. They seem really nice. We are very excited about the next week to come!