Location: Amubri, Cahuita, & Westfalia

After a long and difficult night in the indigenous village, we finally woke up at 7 to eat our casual breakfast: rice, beans, and eggs. Then we walked about 20 minutes and waited in the shaman’s farm between chickens, cats and others animals. Unfortunately, this one was occupied with another ritual or ceremony. An indigenous man just presented to us the shaman temple. We finally moved to another activity: how to make chocolate! The indigenous man showed us some cacao plants, banana trees and other tropical fruits that were very good and tasty. To end this little tour he showed us how to make some cream with some cacao seeds. We also played with a really cute puppy. We finally ate a part of this cream with some cooked bananas. Even though the way back was loud, we were happy to have discovered the Atlantic coast. After a lunch of hamburgers, nachos, and tortillas, we went to the beach where the boys enjoyed swimming and surfing on the waves, but the girls preferred to eat some excellent ice cream. Boys finally succumbed and tried this ice cream, and then we all went to the hotel where we swam in the swimming pool, and we ate a great dinner to end a nice day. We also had a surprise birthday cake, Happy Birthday, Anna!