Location: Rios Tropicales & Amubri

So today, I woke up in the hammock around 7:30 am to eat breakfast. As I’m sitting down, I notice there was a huge spider, and it was almost the size of my hand. After 30 minutes of eating our breakfast, we changed into our swimsuit. We first went to a waterfall, which was a ten-minute walk from what we were staying at. We were there for half an hour then we went back to the place that we ate breakfast at. When I was sitting there, I discovered that I had a huge spider bite on my leg. I put alcohol on my leg to heal the spider bite. A half an hour later, we were putting on safety gear before getting into the raft. Then, 1 hour later, we were on level 4 of the rapid, and out of nowhere my other leader Cass fell off the boat and into the water. Luckily, our raft guide saved him. Half an hour later, we got the chance to swim in the water, and we did. But our raft guide told us that the water wasn’t that deep so what he did was, he pushed me underneath the water, which was so cool. Then an hour later we landed at our final destination. The group met up with Henry our bus driver and Henry drove us into the Amubri tribe, which is an indigenous tribe. Afterward, we ate dinner and went to sleep in a big room.