Location: Rios Tropicales

We arrived at Rios Tropicales in the morning and had breakfast. One of the guides also made a realistic looking grasshopper out of a leaf. After that, we hopped on the bus headed to the area where we had basic rafting lessons and picked up our helmets and life jackets. We nudged the raft into the water and headed down the river. The rapids today were only classes 1-2, but it was still a fun ride with good rapids. We stopped at a clearing, got out and had lunch. The instructors made us a big lunch with sandwiches and cookies, and surprisingly it was pretty good. We hopped back in our rafts and headed down the river, but only for about 15 minutes before we stopped at Rios Tropicales Lodge. Our rooms weren’t ready, yet so one of the instructors took us to a swimming hole that was nice. We spent 45 minutes there and hiked back to our rooms. We hung out for a couple of hours and then went to the main area to have dinner. We headed to our rooms after dinner,¬†while the rooms were semi-nice Xavier and I felt like we were getting bit by a million bugs and saw some spiders and we think a tick too. So, we got out of there and went to the main area and slept outside in the hammocks. Overall, it was an enjoyable day, and I’m looking forward to the class 3-4 rapids tomorrow.