Location: La Finca/Doka

Today, after having breakfast, we spent the morning till around noon working on a farm. There we spent our time planting trees and weeding a garden. Although, it was pretty hard as the soil was rocky and it was quite hot. Then we started to paint a wall blue. Afterward, we went to a pool on the farm and played with two dogs, one of which is deaf. Then it started to rain, so we went back to the farmhouse and ate pizza. This pizza was pretty different from the pizza in the U.S as the toppings were under the cheese, which made it fall apart pretty easily. Afterward, we left and went on an hour-long drive to a coffee plantation. There we saw a bonsai garden and butterfly garden, but only Evan and I went to the butterfly garden. We also had a tour of the plantation and mill. The tour guide spoke English with a really strong accent, so it was pretty hard to understand him, especially in the rain. Some of us also found it pretty funny. After the tour, we drank some of the coffee and went on our way. We got back, watched some Netflix on the dining room TV and went to bed.