Location: Central Valley Costa Rica

After spending the night in the pool, everyone was feeling groggy this morning when we woke them up. Nevertheless, the group was eager to hit the beach and was hoping the guides would allow us to get into the unpredictable sea. At the beach, we lounged, tanned, went into shallow sections of the water, and played beach soccer. It was a nice break after all the hard work we’ve put into the last six days. We had lunch to go on the bus on our way to the Veragua Rainforest reserve. When we arrived, we were guided by a man named Carlos through jungle and exhibits for frogs, reptiles, orchids, and butterflies. There were vast numbers of species at Veragua that showed the ecological diversity and beauty of Costa Rica. We took a gondola through the canopy, and everyone jumped with joy when we spotted a sloth. As we were leaving, everyone saw agouti and decided to pet and take photos with it. For dinner, we went to our new favorite restaurant joint, Rico con Coco, and ate coconut chicken with rice and beans. Everyone is exhausted, but we are all looking forward to helping out special needs children and meeting our homestay families tomorrow.