Location: Central Valley Costa Rica

Waking up early in the morning, we set out at 7:00 a.m. a la mar with sunshine. However, as we went east, it started to rain heavily, and because of it, the sixth day became a “bus and food” day. You may think it boring, but it was a day full of exploration at least since we were all over the Caribbean coast! While on the bus, some people played guitar and sang, some people chatted, and some just looked out the window to take in the incredible views. It was a pretty good time, we learned with silence. The most exciting thing was that it might have been the best food day ever! We ate at local restaurants all the way to the cost and enjoyed something like five meals in total. Even so, the hotel we stayed at didn’t have the best rooms, but it did have a great pool and location right on the Caribbean. We had new roommates there so that we might have missed the old ones, but we got to learn a lot with new ones!

We look forward to the beach and the jungle. Until then, goodnight and nice dreams!