Location: Cuzco

Author: Sydney Location: Cuzco Hi everyone! Today was our first full day in Peru! We all had such a great time. We went to Casa Mantay, a shelter for women who are pregnant or have had children and were in bad situations. A lot of the women at Casa Mantay were victims of abuse, and they didn’t know if they wanted to raise their children. All of the mothers seemed happy though! We started with an introduction and then a name game where we held onto a ball of yarn and passed it around the circle while saying our names. Then a tour and finally, we split into groups to do some work. I worked with the kids, and they were all so adorable! At first, they were a little shy, but then they opened up and had fun playing with bubbles and talking to us in Spanish. The two other groups worked in the kitchen and on the tool shed. Eventually, all of us were working on the shed, shoveling stones and rubble into bags and wheelbarrows and carrying them into Casa Mantay. Even some of the mothers helped! And they were wearing flip flops! It amazed all of us how lighthearted and happy all the women and children were. Through all of their struggles and having no support from their families, all the mothers seemed to have a connection and act like a real family. After we finished moving all the rubble, we stood on top of our conquest for a quick pic. Finally, we left Casa Mantay with some of the older children to play with the toys we brought them. After an hour of volleyball, soccer and frisbee we left the kids tired but happy from such a fun day.