Location: Cuzco

Author: Alex Location: Cuzco, Tambomachay, Saqsaywaman Today we woke up and got ready early. We traveled through the streets of Cusco to reach the local market place where we walked through the vendors and were surprised by all the different foods and ingredients they were selling. Then we met up with the others in our group to come up with a meal that we would be making with the all-natural Peruvian ingredients and foods in the market. After forty-five minutes or so we met back up with our foods of choice and walked back to the hostel to cook up some stir fry. It turned out wonderful, everyone had a job, from cooking the potatoes to cutting the carrots, we all came together to create something deliciously authentic. It tasted even better knowing that we worked together and cooked it ourselves. After a quiet hour or two, we took a bus up to the Inca ruins of Cusco and got to ride horses through the hills. This was a thrill and ended us wanting more. We even stopped by a local merchant in the hills and bought some hand made stone works. We ended the day walking back to the hostel and then eating a great dinner at a local restaurant. I can’t wait for the rest of the trips excursions and am excited for the new experiences that will come with it.