Location: Cuzco

Day 5 consisted of our group’s first trip to Casa Mantay. It was both touching and fulfilling experience, and I think I can speak for the whole group when I say we’re all excited to return. The house evoked many emotions for me. The fact that most of the girls I interacted with were around my age or younger was a scary thought. The girls we met were practically children themselves, and they had already experience bearing a child. Although their situations were saddening, it was very exciting to witness how happy the mothers and children seemed. The children, even though they didn’t speak any English, were so enthusiastic about talking to us and playing games. During lunch, I met a three-year-old named Ana who would laugh hysterically whenever I faked an “ow!” while she slapped my hands. Her laugh was so loud that it rang through the dining room for everyone to hear. Casa Mantay’s residents are living in an unfortunate situation, but they are also very lucky. The trip today was sad, but it also made me feel blessed for both my situation and happy that the girls at the house are getting the help they need.