Location: Cuzco

Today, my group went to Casa Mantay. It was such a peaceful day. When we got there, we painted and primed the walls of rooms which was calming. I ended up covered in paint. We helped prepare a lunch of a potato cake type food. We then brought it to the community oven to cook. I thought it was unique to walk a few blocks to an oven because it’s not something you think about. We ate a delicious lunch with the girls and put a second coat of primer on the wall. Afterward, we had a lot of fun playing with the kids. They were so sweet and energetic. It was a calm day, and we got to shop at the workshop. The designs in the workshop were incredible. The other group helped at home called Santa Teresa where they proceeded to help in different areas for men, women, and children with disabilities. They helped clean, play with the kids, take care of the adults, and finally helped wash dishes after feeding a group of individuals who were unfortunately unable to feed themselves. Today was very productive. We finished off the day with crepes from a super cute restaurant. I am so excited for what is to come!