Location: Cuzco

The day began the same as it did yesterday. Same wake-up, same breakfast, and same departure time. We gathered in the lobby at 8:20 am. The plan was to switch so the group that went to Casa Mantay would go to Santa Teresa and vice versa. However, we had learned that Santa Teresa does not accept volunteers on Thursdays so everyone would be going to Casa Mantay. When we got there, everyone went straight to work. Three were chosen to be with the kids, another three were selected to assist with PE, and the rest were to be painting. A few hours in, when PE was over, the kids went to rest and everyone helped paint. We kept going until there was no paint left. Then a game of volleyball was set up between buildings. The group that hadn’t gone on the city tour left early while the rest got ready for a lunch consisting of potatoes that had been cooked in the ground. When we finished with lunch, we cleaned up and got ready to leave. On our way out they had given us all a goodbye gift. It was a handmade leather bookmark. We said our goodbyes and took the bus back to the square where we were to do some shopping. We went to a few different stores, and some even went to Starbucks. The group then met up with the rest of the group before going to a market. We split up and were given 30 minutes to get whatever our hearts desired. When time was up, we walked back to the hotel, got takeout gourmet pizza, and were given our phones. We had our phones for a bit to call home and then turned them in before bed.