Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

Hi everyone!! Today we worked on our second service project. We went to a botanical garden to rake leaves, prune plants, and paint tables. We started the day with an enthusiastic song about chihuahuas, which hyped us all up to go on a beautiful walk to the garden, which Zoe and Ella took charge of, with occasional directions from Krisz. Once we got to the garden, not only did we complete our engaging tasks, but Logan, Gary, and Gavin managed to collect a grand total of 19 fresh mangoes. After a long day’s work, we had the pleasure of eating lunch on LAND. Pretty sick. Everyone rushed to get smoothies, and Chava had the biggest smile I’d ever seen when she had her first coffee in a week. When we got back to the boat, we had a fantastic dinner, and Krisz serenaded us with his world-famous vocals. We’re currently taking turns showering with fresh water and Hibiclense and preparing to watch the documentary “BlackFish.” I’m being pressured to shower now. Love and miss you all!!