Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

Hey everyone!! We woke up to Krisz’s song choice of “It’s a hard knock life,” which we all thought was fitting as it was our first day of service. Logan woke up before the bell in order to make a hardy breakfast of scrambled eggs and bagels to keep us fueled for the day ahead. Once we got to the school, we got to work on cleaning up their garden. After about an hour of focused hard work, the children got out of their test, and all hell broke loose. Although chaotic, by the time we left, everyone had made a new friend. At lunch, Krisz surprised us with a jar of Nutella, and I swear I saw a tear drop fall from Ella’s eyes. Let’s just say it lifted everyone’s spirits. As Azi and I felt our necks burning from the sun while shoveling, we heard the voice of an angel (aka Gary) singing motivational music to keep us going. After finishing a hard day’s work at school, we all felt the rewards of our work and couldn’t wait for more service projects. We then started the hot walk back to the boat, where we were rewarded with a swim in the ocean. As I am writing this from our new location, Road Town, everyone is frantically looking for their towels to be first in line for our freshwater shower. Hi family, love and miss you all, and happy late Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

– Chava