Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Hi parents! We had a late start today with the grace of Captain Krisz. After a delicious breakfast prepared by Zoe and Delphine, people from the other action quest boat, “Shapeup,” came to visit. Jess then gave us all an incredible presentation (dubbed “trash talk”) in which she described plastic’s impact on our oceans and ourselves. We specifically discussed microplastics and reflected upon our footprint on the environment. I was personally impressed by how well-versed Logan was with these topics. After the presentation, we had a short break and traveled to a national park island. We planned to jump off a rock about 10 feet tall directly into the ocean, but first, we decided to walk through the park itself. The sand was hot, and everyone’s feet were burning. The climb was definitely worth it, as we got to go through the island’s cave system, and Gavin was particularly impressed by the view. After this, people started diving from the rock. Everyone had a ton of fun! After this, everyone ocean bathed, and we had dinner. Huge props to Adele, Gavin, Samaara, Azi, and Chava for cleaning up for us and Maeve for being wonderfully wholesome emotional support^^. We then settled in for the night. (Settled, meaning everyone is currently raving to music as I’m writing this.) Day 4 has been wonderful.