Location: The Bight, Norman Island

It’s been two days since most of us arrived in the BVI, and it’s been a blast!! Yesterday we got on the boat after taking the ferry, and we had some delicious tortellini as well as pasta with tomato sauce! And then, we did the dishes with ocean water since we had to conserve the fresh water on the boat. We have a wheel that tells us each day (we spin it clockwise by one each day) which designates the daily boat jobs. We slept with one of us on a hammock and some of us in the (extremely hot) cabins, on the couches, on convertible beds, and on deck. The next day, we attended an informative (long) orientation, and then we left the dock and sailed to Norman Island! There we had lunch and then did our swim test (all of us passed though it was difficult because of the sunscreen and salt water getting in our eyes), and then we spent a super awesome time snorkeling and seeing all kinds of cool fish! After that, we took an ocean shower. It was so refreshing since it was so hot outside… and surprisingly, it felt like an actual freshwater shower! Then the designated chef started cooking dinner while we all chatted around and chose songs for our new playlist! We watched an amazing sunset and are currently doing the dishes and waiting for the last three GoBeyonders to arrive! We’ve had a great time so far! ^-^