Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Hey guys! Today we went on a hike on a nearby island. Jess told us a myth about a spooky asylum with melon heads. Once we made it to a certain point, we went up a very steep, rocky, over-vegetated, unstable “path” up the mountain. Jess, in fact, brought clippers on the trail in order to cut off the overgrown plants (which came in handy so many times). There were a lot of cacti, and some people got stuck on their legs, pants, and shoes (they are fine, though, only minor scratches from thorny branches). It was very hot, and the sun was burning, but the view from the top was so worth it. Then we made our way down after a couple of minutes and went back to the boat! After we got back to the boat, we began our voyage to another island, where we went snorkeling, and we even saw a barracuda and stingray! As I’m writing this, we are currently waiting for Alfredo Pasta. The last three GoBeyonders have arrived, and they’re super cool. Day 2 has been awesome!