Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Hey Everybody!!

Today was a chill day – we slept in and ate eggs for breakfast (scrambled eggs courtesy of Gavin and Sanaah and fried eggs courtesy of Chava). We then had a talk with Jess about cosmetics, some of the ingredients that were included in those products, and what we should watch out for when buying them. Then we finished our documentary on poverty, and after that and our cleanup, we were allowed around 30 minutes to swim before we went underway again. We all jumped in, and some of us saw a bunch of jellyfish underwater! While we were underway, a bunch of us took naps, and some of us started playing cards to pass the time. For lunch, we had quesadillas- while Gavin was prepping the chicken, Sanaah, Gary, and I took on the three-man job of grating seven blocks of frozen cheese (it was a treacherous journey). In the middle of our lunch, it started pouring rain; Zoe and Chava’s backs got soaked, and various people’s plates were a mix of soggy quesadillas and water. Then Zoe, Adele, and Samaara decided to go on the roof and relax in the rain until they decided it was too cold, and they came back down. While we were drying off, we had another talk with Jess, but it was about the symbiosis between coral and algae. When the rain stopped, we had our washers do the dishes and then jumped into the ocean to do our ocean showers – which was probably not the smartest idea since it still smelled like cheese and there were bits of food floating around us… Anyway, after that, Samaara and I made a cinnamon cake (we had a bit of a math mishap and had to add pancake mix to thicken the batter, haha 😅), which in my opinion, came out delicious. For dinner, we had Red Thai Curry, a personal favorite, and as I’m writing this, we are on the roof watching the amazing sunset with some lightning in the distance as well!!

We love and miss you all! ^-^