Location: China


Below is our anticipated schedule of activities. The group will have limited access to internet over the course of the program. While we understand families are eager for news, we ask for patience as our staffs energy is focused on the students and the program at hand. Please do not call our office regarding these blogs, as the office does not control the postings or the content of the updates. Thanks very much for your understanding!

June 25th: Fly dayJune 26th: Student arrival; Welcome dinner at YaodianziJune 27th: Lifeworks service & orientation; afternoon Great Wall visitJune 28th: Morning service; Afternoon calligraphy lessons, Chinese painting, and tea ceremony; Evening Chinese cultural lessonJune 29th: Double service day – Little Flower and RoundaboutJune 30th: Morning service; Afternoon Forbidden City/Tiananmen Square visit; Evening peking duck dinnerJuly 1st: Double service day – Little Flower and Roundabout; Overnight train to Xi’anJuly 2nd and 3rd:Xi’an sightseeing including Terracotta Warriors; Return to BeijingJuly 4th: Morning service; Afternoon Wushu (Chinese martial arts) demonstration; EveningChinese cultural lessonJuly 5th:Double service day – Little Flower and RoundaboutJuly 6th: Morning service; Afternoon 798 Art District tourJuly 7th:Double service day – Little Flower and RoundaboutJuly 8th: Travel to Taiyuan; Orphanage visit and serviceJuly 9th: Buddhist Caves tour; Hanging MonasteryvisitJuly 10th: Visit to Dong Er Gou; Return to BeijingJuly 11th:Morning service; Afternoon Calligraphy/Chinese painting/tea ceremony; Evening Chinese cultural lessonJuly 12th: Double service day – Little Flower and Roundabout; HotpotdinnerJuly 13th: Morning service; Summer Palace and Pearl Market visitJuly 14th: Double service day; Final dinner at YaodianziJuly 15th: Fly day