Location: China

Welcome to the Lifeworks China, Session 1 blogs! Below is a little bit about the staff that will be leading this summer. Enjoy!

ELLIOT EVINS – Elliot joined the team in 2010 playing a supportive role and had since worked for Lifeworks and ActionQuest each summer as a field staff member. Since graduating college, he has pursued a passion for outdoor and service education with an emphasis on marine/maritime environments. Elliot now spends summers as a Program Director in our global programs. The rest of the year he assists our office with enrollment and operations. He seeks out situations that allow him to be creative, travel, and is happy to have found a profession that allows him to do both.

COLLEEN SINSKY – Colleen is a passionate aid worker, writer, photographer, and traveler. After completing a B.S. in Economics at Santa Clara University, she worked with homeless families in Portland for four years while volunteering in trauma intervention and teaching wilderness skills. From managing a remote mountaineers’ hostel in Alaska, coordinating volunteers in Syrian refugee camps, trekking in the Himalayas, to volunteering on an Ecuadorian farm, Colleen balances wanderlust with a commitment to social justice. She loves the freedom of long-term solo trips, and is excited to empower young adults to push their limits!

EVAN SAWAN – Evan has been traveling the world since the age of 10 and joined ActionQuest as a shipmate for two sessions in the British Virgin Islands and Thailand. After coming back as a Scuba Instructor and staff member, he achieved his Emergency First Responder Instructor and IYT Flotilla Skipper certifications. He has a Bachelors in Marine Affairs with minors in Business Administration and Modern Languages (Spanish and French). He is excited to now be embarking on his first Lifeworks journey to China.