Location: The Galapagos

To start the day off, we had another home-style hostel breakfast. We then headed to the Interpretation Center and cleared the sides of the paths with machetes. Others removed invasive species near the walls to make way for a new paint job and set up new information signs. The next group was in charge of cleaning the indoors of the center. They had to wipe down the doors and dust all of the surfaces. All of the groups then met up for lunch inside the center and got to rest before we moved on to the next activity. After a long day of community service, some of the group headed toward the beach, and some went surfing while others rested at the hostel. When the beach-goers returned, we had a chance to buy souvenirs and use the internet cafe before dinner. Luckily we all got a chance to bring our laundry to get washed before we leave the Galapagos. We then headed toward the pizza parlor where we had a delicious dinner. We ended the day doing highs and lows and headed to get some rest for an early day of boating and traveling tomorrow.