Location: Bri Bri Indegenous reserve, Limon

After spending the night at BriBri indigenous tribe, we started the day at 7 am for a breakfast of rice, eggs, and beans. After breakfast, we went on a small hike to plant a few trees that are sacred to the indigenous people. On our way back, we stopped at the river and played a game where we tried to knock down a pile of stones by throwing smaller rocks at them. Once we had finally knocked them all down, we headed back to discover how the tribe makes chocolate. We each got a chance to turn the lever, which turned the crushed cacao beans into a bitter, chocolate paste. After lunch, it was time to bid goodbye to the BriBri tribe. We set off for the Sloth Sanctuary, the only place in the world, which caters only to the preservation of sloths. We had a small boat ride in which we saw a few sloths in their natural habitat, and then went back to the center to meet some of their permanent residents and visit the sloth nursery. Finally, to close off the day, we traveled to the hotel, had dinner and got to look at the beautiful coast.