Location: Cabecar, Bri Bri Indegenous Reserve

Hola padres y amigos! We started the morning at 6 am with our host families and embarked on a journey to an indigenous tribe named Cabecar for lunch. While at Cabecar, we learned how to make clothes and paint from trees and leaves. To get back and forth from the tribe, we rode in a wagon connected to a tractor that went through a rapid river and up the rocky mountainside. We then got back on the bus and headed for the next indigenous tribe. We made a stop at a grocery store and got some snacks. We then arrived at BriBri, and learned about their culture and customs and slept in the traditional indigenous home which reminded us all of a tree house. To sum up the day, Alissa is our honorary mom; Taylor says Eve is wrong because she has almost finished the two books she brought; Alex got pooped on by a bat; Sebastian enjoyed a refreshing indigenous shower; Kenta told us all Japanese horror stories; and Hannah, Kathryn, Avery and I all annoyed our bus mates while singing some classic songs. Adios!