Location: La Finca, Doka Farms, Homestays

We did some more work at La Finca, laying down some concrete, planting some plants and painting the pool. For lunch, we had some pizza, which everyone will agree was delicious (I’m assuming this, I didn’t ask anyone). Then we headed off to the coffee plantation and the butterfly garden. Here, we were educated on the processes taken to deliver the hot beverage to our breakfast (or lunch, or tea, or dinner) table. Many of us (myself not included) learned the hard way not to eat chocolate covered coffee beans in excess as it bears the potential of providing a stomach-punishing bus journey. The butterfly garden was cool (though it was sad that some were trapped inside and couldn’t flee from humans that mistreated them) and admiring these beautiful creatures was a good way to spend some time of our afternoon, except for Avery, who was cowering in fear as Mothra swooped in for the kill. Afterward, we were taken to our home-stay families. As I am writing this, Sebastian, Alex and I are with Sebastian (the home-stay family’s son, and yes it did get confusing) playing some Fifa. Thus concludes Day 5.