Location: Golfito

Today we woke up to a 6:30 delicious breakfast of eggs, rice and beans, plantains, fruits and more. Then we took an hour-long bus ride to the school construction site. We began work right away splitting into two groups; construction and playing with kids. The group working with the children colored, read books and spent a lot of time throwing paper airplanes. Outside we leveled out the dirt walkway along with filled a wheel barrel up with dirt, brought it to the backyard, mixed it with cement and finished the cement floors. By lunchtime, all of the cement floors were finished, and the children had gone home. For lunch, we had rice, salad, beans, pulled pork, and French fries (something everyone has missed!) that hefty lunch was followed by a favorite Chocolate covered frozen bananas and ice cream cones. Afterward, we mixed the fine cement with water and applied it to the walls of the classroom. At around 6 o’clock, we finally finished the project! We all went back to our hotel feeling accomplished, packed up for the trip to the indigenous reserve and went to sleep.