Location: Rincon Ecologico, Indigenous

We awoke that morning early with a 7:00 A.M. breakfast consisting of a choice of eggs and ham, rice and beans, hash browns, sausages and a variety of fruits. After breakfast, we went on a 2-hour bus ride. A part of the ride was up a mountain, and we got stuck in the mud and had to push the bus. Following the endeavor, the bus drove near the indigenous village, and we walked 2 kilometers to reach it. Upon arrival, we were greeted by five dogs and monstrous, terrifying spiders that were mounted on every corner of every building. There were even scorpions, and Martin saved Jack and Rachel from one. We learned that there was no electricity and dropped off our bags in the rooms and were guided by one of the indigenous people around the forest. He showed us different types of plants that he planted 35 years ago and the customs of their people. In the afternoon, we participated in their activities such as making tamales and carving a dried fruit shell. After dinner, we had a bonfire in complete darkness and slept in bug-infested rooms. Although it was a culture shock, we were glad to have this different experience!