Location: Indigenous, Hotel Rio Perlas

Hola parents!

We survived the night!!!! We woke up to scorpions beside our beds (a.k.a. a mattress sitting on an unstable floor) and ginormous spiders hanging over our heads. We were woken by only a few screams in the middle of the night due to the various harmless yet scary bugs. They mostly came from the boy’s rooms. Breakfast was at 7:30 a.m. and was sooooo good! After breakfast, we went on a “short” walk, which turned out to be an hour hike in the middle of the jungle. Although we were skeptical at first, it turned out to be very cool because our indigenous guide told us about all these cool medicinal plants and their purposes. We also got to meditate again in a huge tree. ¬†After trying an all-healing plant, which tasted like actual throw up, we ended our “walk” and went to a waterfall. The water was very cold, but it had a cool cave in the back, and the pool was so little and cool. Unfortunately, there were huge water spiders, which made us all scream, like little girls, including and especially Martin. We got back, ate a delicious lunch and then left for our trek back to the bus. This trek took about an hour (not including the 30 minutes we spent petting a kitten that we found on the way). The first part had a view of the Costa Rican mountains, which made the walk worthwhile. After crossing a holy river, everything started to look familiar, and we finally saw our favorite bus:)! Little did we know we would be spending the next 6 and half hours without food on it. But it was all good because we got to the hot springs hotel around 7 pm with a gourmet three-course meal waiting for us. Overall this day was challenging yet cool. Would rate 10 out of 10.