Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was by far, my favorite day that I’ve had on the boat. The day began with music at 6:30 am, but today was different because I actually found my favorite sleeping spot on the boat (the stern). We got ready and ate bagels and an assortment of flavors of yogurt. Afterward, we got onto the dinghy, boated over to the dock, and headed to Copper Mine National Park. The view was breathtaking, and sitting on the rocks looking out on the ocean made me feel so grateful to be on this trip. Soon after, we climbed down to the beach and began to pick up trash along the ocean. Overall, I thought it was very successful because we all came together as a team and worked our hardest. Then we transitioned to a new beach which was up a hill and quite a hike. Despite my heat exhaustion, it taught me to persist, leading me to work even harder and pick up even more trash. After we drank all of our water and had snacks, the taxi picked us up and went back to the boat. We got our phones and talked to our parents, and we all felt a little more @reconnected to the world. We walked over to markets to buy water and ate delicious food at a cute local restaurant.

Soon after, we sailed over to the Baths National Park, and looking at the rocks left me speechless. The highlight of my day was definitely jumping off the rocks (for a second time) with Dara, Hayley, and Alden, because the water was beautiful, and after we jumped we felt very free. After we swam back to shore, the four of us had a secluded tour of the glorious Baths. Although it was a breathtaking day overall, it is ending on a sad note because we have to say goodbye to our favorite “papa bear,” Tyler. We all will cherish his stories and hilarious, kind personality he has blessed us with. Although a sad end of the day, we’re all coming together for a final dinner and cherishing the final moments we have with “papa bear.” Overall, this trip has made me realize how truly grateful I am to have this incredible experience with my twelve new friends.