Location: La Carpio and La Finca

After a generous late start at our original, luxurious hotel we got our first glimpse of La Carpio, where we will work with the children of the community in the future. We were given a classroom talk by Gail Nystrom about the reason we are working in the community which was an incredible insight into our world which is alien in so many ways. We were given a tour of the areas of La Carpio and were treated to different native slices of bread. During the bus ride to La Finca karaoke was stage by Keila, the daughter of a woman who Gail works with. Upon reaching the Finca, we set about with odd jobs, the highlight of which was giving Prez (the dog) a much-needed bath. After a hard day of work, we relaxed by taking a tour of the largest coffee plantation in Costa Rica, which included complimentary tastings, and an interesting movie back at the hotel about mountain climbing and surfing called 180 degrees south. At the moment we are all preparing for a hard-earned sleep.