Location: Curu and Dos Palmas

We woke up and had regular breakfast at the nature reserve. After breakfast, we broke into groups to do different projects around the reserve. The first group made a mosaic out of plastic we cleaned off the beach yesterday. It was for the outside of their new recycling center. The second group walked through the nature trail to fix the broken signs and railings. After we finished our projects, we ate lunch and packed up to leave the reserve. When we got to the ferry, it started pouring. It got so bad that parts of the ceiling on the ferry tour off in the wind. We then went inside the ferry and got food and watched Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bob in Spanish. When we got off, we went to a market and took a tour of wheels. We then headed back to Dos Palmas hotel and took our first hot shower in three days. We then had a great meal of pork, baked potato, and coleslaw. It has never felt so good taking a nice hot shower.