Location: Curu

After the heroic and outstanding team leaders woke everyone up at 5:30, we all prepared for a glorious nature walk. Unfortunately, we were too loud for the animals to appear – we did however come across a monkey and goat during the trek. Shortly after that, we equipped our snorkel gear, jumped in the sparkling water, and explored the underwater depths. This included numerous schools of marine life who were shredding the gnar. We next headed to Isla Tortuga where we ate fresh fruit, played Frisbee, and swam near the shore. We then worked together to cleanse a beach of litter. After lunch, we had an intense game of beach soccer and rested during the downtime. Later, we all combined our efforts in cleaning the beach, ridding it of plastic pieces and vampire teeth. Despues de cena, jugamos juegos con el grupo y luego nos dormimos.