Location: Turrucares & Doka

At 9 am we set off for La Finca. There, we started back to work on completing a barbed wire fence to prevent horses from getting eating the plants and building a doghouse for Princesa, who is pregnant and large.  Some of us started a project to make a mesh roof over the garden and designed a hose that would water the garden and planted pots through the holes we made.  After about four hours of work, most of the projects were completed except for the doghouse, and all the volunteers had eaten the lunch prepared by their host families. We then took a drive up a volcanic mountain to tour Dokas Coffee Plantation.  We got to try several different types of coffee and toured the century-old coffee production line. After a few more samples of coffee and gift shop, we descended the mountain and met our host families for some dinner and packing for our two-day trip to the Pacific coast.