Location: La Carpio

After a hard day of work in La Carpio. We were fortunate enough to be graced with a play by some of the women and children at the Montessori preschool. Although the majority of us were unable to comprehend every word that they spoke, that didn’t deter us from enjoying it! It was the story of Dona Fatima and how she had come to Costa Rica from Nicaragua about twenty years ago. What she had lost, and the life-changing decisions she was forced to make, pushed her towards making a better life for herself and her children. Her husband was a rebel soldier in the civil war, and the news of his death came to her in a letter that she wasn’t able to read. She was forced to hear the news from her child as they read it to her. With no work, and no husband to support the family, life became a scramble to put food on the table. Amidst the turmoil of surviving, an old friend who had moved to Costa Rica came to visit Dona Fatima in Nicaragua. She recanted life in Costa Rica, saying there was opportunity for work and school. Dona Fatima would be able to feed her children, and finally give them a chance at a better future. She took the chance and moved to Costa Rica, and though life was still a struggle, circumstances were far better than back in Nicaragua. I think there will still be many hardships and struggles that Dona Fatima and the others in La Carpio will have to overcome, but with effort and help from outsiders like us, maybe someday La Carpio will be a beautiful place to live.