Location: Manuel Antonio

Hey, guys welcome back to our blog! This morning we started the day off with a delicious breakfast made by our host families. After a hard goodbye we got in our bus and then headed off to a school where we were going to help put down tiles, and play with the kids. When we arrived, we could see the excitement in the children’s eyes. We started off by coloring in some animals, and then the hard work began! With the pre-made cement, we began laying down the tiles one by one. However, it didn’t take long before we had to make a new batch of cement. After a delicious lunch, we decided to play some games with the kids. Some of us played hide and go seek, while others played an intense game of soccer. Before leaving, we hugged all the children, and soon we were on the way to go further down south. When we finally arrived at our hotel, we were all pretty exhausted, so after dinner (and a few quick games of Werewolf) we all fell asleep.