Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Grudgingly waking up to the distant calls of roosters, our heroes knew they were in for an experience unlike any other. The boat’s chef for the day, Weston and his marvelous assistant Casey, immediately set to work whipping up their Lifework’s compatriots a bountiful breakfast of cereal and milk. Soon after, the crew cleaned their bowls and silverware while singing a sea shanty that captivated all those within earshot. Mike, the director, then called together all of the crews from the multitude of ActionQuest and Lifeworks boats and instructed them in proper boat life and safety. Now, while this hour-long speech did get boring and the irony of his warnings of dehydration, while he kept us from water for what seemed like an eternity, was not lost on us, I at least can testify that from his instruction I have been saved several broken toes on this day alone. Next, it was off to the market for this goodly group of youngsters, where no expense was spared in acquiring Tortola’s vast natural reserves of Cup of Noodles and other staples of teen boating life. Finally, it was off to Norman Island, famous temporary base of Blackbeard and after a two hour sail in which the heroism of our young skipper, Calvin (Eliott, but trust me he looks like a Calvin), and his brave helpers including two young Dutch sailors by the names of Tristan and Abbey saved the untested crew from certain humiliation. When we arrived at Norman Island, after a quick lunch of sandwiches provided by our world-class chefs, we went snorkeling led by our esteemed staff member Jaimie, who knew the inner workings of Blackbeard’s stronghold as if she had just talked to the scoundrel himself. Returning with a hunger greater than that of the amateur treasure hunters scouring the caves, the thunderous thirteen was treated to a dinner of Sloppy Joe’s and Lifework’s famed instant mashed potatoes. After dinner, due to popular demand, the combined Lifeworks crews received another lecture. We went over what our program would specifically be doing on this trip and were even able to play a few games before bed. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing this.

  Sincerely, Noah and the Crew of Catalinaville