Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

After another great night’s sleep under the stars, the crew of the Catalinaville was ready to enjoy another summer day in the British Virgin Islands. We had a quick cereal breakfast prepared by our resident French sailors, Ladislas and Victoire and started a day with a “quick” hike up Spyglass Mountain on Norman Island, where we were anchored. We powered through the most difficult 20-minute hike we had ever done, and when we reached the top through the thorns and leaves, we emerged into one of the most breathtaking views the BVI’s have to offer. We soon saw why it was so appropriately named Spyglass Mountain, as you can see much of the amazing BVI’s from the peak of the mountain and it helped to know that Blackbeard had also stayed there for a brief time. After descending from Spyglass, we hopped back on our boat and enjoyed a second breakfast to get us ready for the big sail ahead. We set out from Norman island, to sail to Virgin Gorda. The sail took us about 4-5 hours and every second was as breathtaking as the last. As the boat sailed towards Virgin Gorda, we honed our sailing skills and learned how to work a variety of jobs on the boat. At around 4 in the afternoon, we arrived in Virgin Gorda and were more than happy to jump in the crystal clear Caribbean waters. After a quick dip and shower, the crew began playing some fun games. For dinner, Ladislas and Victoire prepared great pasta with alfredo sauce, and we contemplated what we would do if we had our private island. Today we experienced many things, our longest sail, a fun hike with a great view and a great crew, making for another wonderful day in the BVI’s.