Location: Trelis Bay, Tortola

Today was packed full of events. We woke up and immediately put on our PDFs and motored out to Virgin Gorda to pick up trash at the historic copper mines. There was beautiful scenery, but it was littered with trash. We learned how much litter (especially plastic) could damage the environment. After filling up more than half a dozen trash bags, we walked to the most interesting mini-golf course I have ever seen to get picked up by a taxi. We drove by Morgan Freeman’s vacation house on the way to Spanish Town. That’s when we were given our phones and free time to explore the town. After feasting on french fries, we set off for Trellis Bay. I got to steer the boat which was a very exciting experience I’ll never forget! We approached the anchoring sight and could tell it was extremely crowded with people planning to go to the famous full moon party. We struggled to find a spot and had to move a few times because we were in the way of an airport. Tonight’s dinner was the most talkative and was full of laughs. We are all starting to get to know each other and become a family.