Location: Lee Bay, Great Camino

Today was my favorite day so far; it started with oatmeal for breakfast, and then we motored over to Virgin Gorda. Upon arriving at Virgin Gorda, we had a little bit of free time and went swimming in the ocean. After that, we “talked trash.” This included watching several videos about the plastic in our oceans and how it has affected all of the life forms that live in the ocean. The most shocking video we watched was about baby Albatrosses that this man had found dead and decomposed with all different types of plastic waste and trash in its stomach. After talking trash, we went to Virgin Gorda and went on a short hike across to the windward side of the island. At the end of our hike, we arrived at a rocky beach. Every one of us spread out along the shore and then we were given 5 minutes to dig around in our area to find as much trash as we could. By the time our 5 minutes were up everyone had found a generous hand-full of trash. It was crazy to think about how much trash is out in the ocean if we found that much just on a small beach on one island. Then we headed back to the boat for some lunch and to move on to our next location. Our next location was called the Baths. It gets its name because back in the times of slavery before the slaves arrived in St. Thomas, they were bathed in this area. Pretty much it is huge rocks right next to the ocean. This was my favorite part of the day because they are so unbelievably beautiful I can’t even describe it, and the spot has a lot of history behind it. We got to explore all of the rocks and go into the caves which was also really fun. After the Baths we came back to the boat and took our first showers down below on the boat. Normally we shower in the ocean, but this time we all got to shower in fresh water, and we all used Hibiclens, so that was exciting. While we were showering, we motored over to Lee Bay. We ended the day at Lee Bay, where we rafted with Moko Jumbie, had delicious veggie burgers and a ton of fun. Overall it was a great day!