Location: The Dogs

After a fun night of rafting with Moko Jumbie, we woke up to a beautiful, clear sky ready for breakfast. Today, we enjoyed French Toast, quite possibly the best breakfast yet. After eating, we prepared to go turtle tagging for the very first time. It was only about 30 minutes before the call we were all waiting for came in. We had caught a turtle. We headed back to the boats and witnessed the science behind tagging a turtle. It was by far the coolest thing we had done so far. In the afternoon we headed through the northern mountains of Tortola to find a large, entirely organic farm. We meet Drake, the man who headed the farm. We worked for hours on creating more plant space while enjoying the fresh mangoes the farm had to offer. After we got back on the boat, we high tailed it over to The Dogs, racing the sun. Today was a beautiful and an incredibly fun day in the BVI.