Location: Leverick Bay

Today we had an eventful day. When we woke up, we began our jobs that is indicated by our job wheel. Some jobs include washing the deck, making the food for the day and cleaning the dishes. After our jobs were done, we dinged over to Leverick Bay on the island Virgin Gorda. During our morning we went to Robertson O’Neil School where we played with the school children. We played many games with them including soccer, baseball and Pounchenella a traditional island game. We also made friendship bracelets, balloon animals and colored. The children were overjoyed with our presence and games. After our great morning with the children, we got to have two hours free time where we got our phones, and most of us all went to Jumbies to eat lunch together. After our free time, we started to get ready for the dance and dinner on Vixen Point. When we arrived at the dance, we ate delicious BBQ food and got to meet the other ActionQuest students. There was a great DJ named DJ Heavy Beats who played great music for our beach party. All in all our seventh day in the British Virgin Islands was great!