Location: Drake's Anchorage

We slept in until seven this morning, which was a nice break from the early risers. After a cereal breakfast, I being the skipper, got to motor the catamaran to Red Soldier Bay. We lowered the anchor and then headed out on a quick hike down to the beach. In comparison to the beach yesterday, this rocky area appeared much cleaner. However, after digging around in the rocks for a few minutes, we realized that there was just as much plastic hidden in the cracks as we had seen the day before. Doing this activity helped me understand that even the beaches that appear spotless are still contaminated with trash. After cleaning up the beach, we headed back to the cat and had a mac and cheese lunch. We then motored to Deep Bay, where we spent some time trying to catch turtles off the back of the dingy. After about an hour of this, Madi was stung by a jellyfish, (don’t worry she’s fine!) so we called it a day. Even though we didn’t catch any turtles, I had so much fun riding on the back of the dingy and hanging out with all of my new friends. Right now we’re waiting for dinner to be prepared; we’ll be having beef stroganoff. After dinner, we’re having a dessert with brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and Oreos. Today was a crazy day filled with activities, but I’m having the time of my life. Though I’m exhausted from all the action, everything on this trip has been eye-opening and beautiful, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to experience this firsthand.