Location: Savannah Bay

Today I was the skipper of Moko Jumbie. I woke up my boat to Pon de Replay by Rihanna…. party. The day started fantastically because I woke up to a beautiful view of the island. It was the most gorgeous and lush island and the perfect scenery to a great day. Today we went to the copper mines. The copper mines are old ruins of copper mines from a while back during their use. The Copper Mine was one of my favorite parts of the day. We walked around through the roped off areas and went “rock climbing.” I felt super adventurous even though I was not doing extreme rock climbing.

I lovedrock climbing around the copper mines because you would work your way up this strenuous tiny rock formation and get to the top (a little out of breath…. at least I was). You would look out at this never-ending view of the ocean where you could see the most amazing and priceless views of the ocean that you would never want to take your eyes away from. I enjoyed doing a makeshift photo shoot with my friends on top of the rocks. After finishing our little adventure through the rocks at the mine, we started towards the beach where we did a beach clean up. We cleaned up the beach, and we probably filled 6 or 7 bags with trash. I loved cleaning the beach because I felt I was helping out in a bigger project and awareness of keeping our beach spotless and clean. Also, who would want to go swimming in an ocean full of trash? So cleaning it was a great feeling. After we cleaned, we all gathered around Torin to learn more about plastic and all the seven categories. After the chat, we had to carry the trash bags back up this mountain to the top of the hill. Let me say I have never felt so out of shape in my life! That mountain that I lugged the trash bag up seemed never-ending, but it was worth the hike because when we got to the top, we were told we were going to a golf course for refreshments. I was super excited and shocked to find out golf course meant putt putt, but it was fun anyway.

When we left the golf course and returned back to the boats, since I am the skipper, I drove the boat out of the dock. I drove it all the way to this other bay and we parked our boat right next to the other Lifeworks boat and we tied our boats together. Then we went to the beach and it was awesome. We played Marco Polo which was kind of hard to do in the ocean… LOL. Then we played this game called Lemonade and then the best part was the chicken fights. Chicken fighting was so much fun and I loved it. After that, we returned to the boats where we took ocean showers and got ready for dinner. Now tonight’s dinner was the best dinner so far that probably will stay the best dinner of the trip. I did not think that anything could match the balsamic sauteed hotdogs of the other night but surprisingly the veggie burgers were amazing! I normally would never eat a veggie burger but these were great! Then we did squeeze after dinner where we answered the questions of “If you were to die today what would you do on your last day?” and “If you could live in any era and place where would you live?” Everyone’s answers were very interesting and I loved learning about what everyone would do. Today was a great day and I am so excited for what is to come during the rest of the trip. Best experience of my life by far.