Location: Savannah Bay

PART 1: The Hero:

  After a rough (getting out of bed) we left for others adventures the amazing skipper took the command of the huge boat to lead us in awesome place who’s illuminated by the presence of an elementary school, the cool skipper lead the useless boat persons to place the anchor, and after a short breakfast we left the boat with the dingy and we took a taxi to go to a place were children learn; actually a school. We were there to make them play and have fun. We started with a football match, and the skipper with his brilliants assistant lost 8 to 6. When the Americo-French team was steaming hot we continued with a basketball play under a midday sun were we were surprised by the children who were way better than us. We played again and even the best in sportsperson on the boat, the skipper, was out of his powerful strength with huge muscle were useless against the speed of the children. His dreaming body was resting into the shade, and after that, we left this place. The children were rushing to the skipper to touch once in their life, the body of the Hero of Savannah Bay. We get back to the boat, and again the handsome skipper made a great job when he placed the monster in the harbor with his strength of a thousand men to be continued   PART 2 The Handsome Skipper: After the school, we ate in a place where the beautiful skipper took a cheeseburger and the native country of the skipper won against witches and chocolate makers because France always win. The skipper, the Hero of Savannah Bay, the monster boat master, the living God of the Virgin Islands, the Don Juan of the world was resting after his adventures when the small and useless people were calling him to lead them, through another great time where his majesty had done a 100-meter swim in 4 seconds and landed first in a new territory named the Ladis Land where we’ve seen huge rocks almost as impressive as the skipper. After we got lost in the maze but the captain, the skipper, the impressive Ladis led everyone out. Now it was dinner time and after a historical speech, the sipper wrote with his divine hands this amazing text.     LADDDIIISSSSS THHE SSKKIIIIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!