Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today I woke everyone up at 6:45 on the dot. We had French toast for breakfast. Some of us added apples, cinnamon, sugar, and maple syrup to add to the deliciousness (gourmet style-worthy). After breakfast, we sailed from Marina Cay to Muskmelon Bay. We then proceeded with our fun day! First, both Grins and Spindrift 2 piled into dinghies and drove to where the brown footed boobies reside. Then, we took turns going in the dinghies to water ski, wake board, and knee board.

Meanwhile, others had the option to sail picos (there were many hilarious wipeouts and capsizing throughout the day). For lunch we had amazing grilled cheese. For the rest of the day, we continued to do water activities and swim. Matt taught some of us how to do back flips off the dingy. I was somewhat close to nailing it. Maybe next time. After we were all tired out from the fun day activities, we took salt water showers off the back of the boat. Then it was dinner time! We had chili and rice. For the daily squeeze we said what our favorite part of the day was as well as what super power we would want to have and what we would name our own boat. For dessert we made yummy brownies. Overall, it was an amazing day!PS Hi Mommy and Daddy! Hope you don’t miss me too much.