Location: Sommers Beach, Tortola

Today we woke up bright and early to be on the high seas by 7:00 am! The questers, who are part of action quest, joined us. Once we arrived at our location, a quaint little bay called Lee Bay, we split off into the different dinghies and off we went on our journey to catch turtles!! At the first location, only one turtle was caught! It was a thrilling experience to participate in the chase of a turtle. It was very tiring because we were pulled behind the boat by a rope until a turtle was spotted. Once the turtle was spotted, everyone jumped in and swam and swam and swam until the turtle gave in and we were able to catch it. This turtle, whose name was Squirt, put up quite the fight and was chased around for almost about 20 WHOLE minutes! WOW!

Interestingly enough the turtle which was caught had previously been caught in 2009, by past lifeworks students!! We discovered this after reading its Pit Tag, a little chip in the turtle which can be identified with a scanner. After a marvelous morning of turtle tagging, we all sat down to a scrumptious lunch of tortilla soup cooked by what some would call borderline incompetent chefs AKA Jake and Charlie. Although they were not the best chefs they most certainly made the most of their experience and surely had a good time. At the same location, we also went and visited two very cool caves. When we entered the first cave, it sounded like there were many monsters in the cave but in reality, it was just the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. In the second cave, we were able to experience the popular activity of bat watching. Soon we were off to another location to continue our turtle tagging experience. At this location, we had much better luck and two adorable baby turtles were caught!! One was named Tyrone and the other was named firecracker! What cute names! We had a quick sail over to a gorgeous beach where we got together with of action quest to enjoy our surroundings while having a superb barbeque. As the sun slowly drifted away, we all retreated back to our boats considering we were all exhausted after a spectacular day out on the sea. P.S I love you, Mother and Father!