Location: Little Harbor, Jost Van Dyke

We started the day at 630 to start sailing back to Jost Van Dyke. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast of cereal and then went to the dock to meet the kids. For the past two days, we’ve been aiding a summer program for the local youth. Today we went on a town-wide scavenger hunt around town to find various fruits and facts about the town. During the scavenger hunt, the group found an overly friendly puppy named Bullet who accompanied us back to Foxy’s where we watched a presentation about coral. Afterward, we had some free time to walk around town. Charlie, a local boy named Rasheed and I got ice cream and returned Bullet. For lunch, we had sandwiches, French fries and deliciously spicy jerk chicken wings provided by Torin and the kitchen at Foxys. After lunch, we broke up into groups, and some people paddle boarded and played in the water with the kids. The other group went to paint a mural of mangroves on the side of the road. After all the day’s festivities were over, we dropped the kids back on the island and proceeded to have free time in the town where we all bought a ton of snacks. For dinner, we motored to a BBQ at Sidney’s restaurant with ActionQuest. After a great dinner, we all fell asleep very quickly!